Who can fix houses?

When I first started making these movies, I wasn’t sure that they were as clear as I thought they were. So I showed them to a few female friends of mine – that’s the acid test isn’t it? If a girl can do it…..

In all cases they came back to me with the same answer. “I can do that!!”

Excellent, I thought, I’m achieving what I wanted to achieve. The videos are understandable!

I didn’t tell them how physically exhausting it is to tile a floor or the feeling of horror that makes you freeze when you look down from the top of a 30ft ladder, the answer that they gave me was the answer that I wanted …. “I CAN DO THAT!”.

And I agree, ANYBODY can do a lot of this work. Just begin….. watch a movie and try to do the job yourself. What have you got to lose? Well, if you mess it up it’s going to cost a fortune to get someone else to fix!  …..NOT TRUE.

You won’t mess it up if you take you time. Just step back, look at the job and think about it for a minute before doing the next step. That way you won’t seal your cordless drill into someone’s roof….. (no I never did that, but the thought’s quite amusing) or something equally scatter-brained.

Starting is the most difficult part of doing anything. Have a look at the videos on the website and hopefully you’ll make a start that will never end.