How to Whitewash a House



In this video we show you the age-old art of whitewashing the outside walls of a house. This is a great technique. It’s easy to do, relatively cheap and looks good for many years. Somehow though, it’s fallen out of favour, with the new paint products taking over in the market place.

There are many  houses that still use whitewash, so we’ve put together this video which will show you exactly how it’s done by professionals.

The first step is to select the whitewash that you’re going to use. Some folks make up their own whitewash and their are recipes available if you Google whitewash or on YouTube if that’s the way that you want to go.

We’ve used a pre-manufactured product that makes life a lot easier and we’re very pleased with the result. As I write this, the job was finished about 6 months ago. Everything looks great and we’ve just had the most torrential downpours and winds in Cape Town over the past month, so the adhesion properties of the whitewash seem to be standing up well.

This is a job that you can easily do yourself with a helper over a few weekends. You’ll probably want your helper to do the stirring of the product once every hour or so, but, apart from a big stir to mix the product when you start, this really isn’t too bad.

Everything else is explained in the video, so have a look and give it a go. Take your time and you’ll have a lot of fun and end up saving an enormous amount of money.


Whitewashed House