Tiling 2 – Laying Floor Tiles



Tiling 2 – Laying Floor Tiles

In this video Laying floor Tiles I’m going to lay a straight row of tiles down the centre at the room and so I’ll spread the adhesive between the chalk lines that I made earlier. There are two types adhesive,  known as thin set used for this purpose; thin set that is premixed and thin set that is dry and has to be mixed with water.

We’re using a premixed product which is a little more expensive than the one that has to be mixed, but saves a lot of time and energy in carrying and mixing. Spread the adhesive evenly about a quarter of an inch deep and about half an inch inside your chalk line. The adhesive will spread out. You can use the flat side of the trowel or the sides with the teeth, it really doesn’t matter as long as you end up with uniform lines about a quarter of an inch deep.

This is most effectively done by holding the trowel to a 45 degree angle and pushing the trowel teeth to the floor. Put excess adhesive back into the bucket and mix it into next group. In the previous segment we marked the centre point on all four sides of a tile. This will be the center tile and I’ll place it into position in the adhesive and give it a little twist to seat it firmly. Line-up the lines with the chalk lines and check that it is straight and level. Now we can start laying the rest of the tiles. I like to scrape a gap at the end of each tile with the trowel or a handy finger. In this way the adhesive won’t squeeze up between the tiles when you press down and spare grout can be wiped onto the floor.

I’ll place two plastic spacers between the tiles close to each and to create the correct gap.  Carry on down the centre of the room until you reach the end.

Wear old work clothes and a good idea is to turn the air conditioning down to keep cool. Tap each tile a few times with a rubber mallet to seat it in place.

Check that the tiles are level with each other and that corners and not sticking up. Check each measurement again just to be sure and then lay the rest of the tiles on the other side at the centre line.

Tiling 2 – Laying the Tiles will give you all the information that you need to do a successful and professional looking floor tile installation.