Tiling 1 – Marking the floor



Tiling 1 – Marking the Floor

Floor tiling can be difficult. If you know a few small tips and tricks though, you’ll achieve a very good result. All you have to do is see this great movie Tiling 1 -Marking the Floor. Start by marking the floor down the centre of the room. Dry lay a row of tiles down the middle of the floor. Dry laying means putting the tiles down without using tile adhesive, so that you can check that everything is correct and then take up the tiles for final laying when you are satisfied that everything’s going to work.

Tiling is hot and physical. Take your time, take breaks often and drink lots of water. This job can really be exhausting- especially if you’re a bit older (ask me – I know).

Wear old clothes, shorts and t-shirt are the best as you don’t want to be constricted in your movement. I often see tilers working in jeans and it makes me feel uncomfortable just to watch them. Show your knees to the world, they can’t be that bad.

I’ve introduced a few tips and tricks in this series of movies which really do make the job easier. They all work perfectly well. However in South Africa there seems to be an enormous resistance to anything different – whether it’s better or not. “I’ve been doing it that way 30 years and it’s never failed me!!” Well pop, learn some new tricks. The truth is that products were completely different 30 years ago. Try out the new products and let’s move forward.

There is never only ONE ‘right way’ to do something. Use your brain and if you’re sure that your idea is better and works as (or more) efficiently than the one that you’ve been using, then start using it. I know that it gets frustrating when the boss makes you do it the slow and tiring way just because that’s what he wants. Speak to him. We need to find better ways to do things in South Africa. Let’s lead, not hang behind and follow bad leaders.

Don’t forget to take it slowly….


Marking floor