Painting Gutters



Painting Gutters

Old gutters can start to look pretty bad after 20 years and often this will make the whole house look shabby. Gutters need to be painted, and it’s surprising how good they can look if the job is correctly done with the help of a little information.

Well that’s what we do – supply the info. Painting gutters is not a difficult job, but it does take stamina and this may be the perfect project to elicit ‘a little help’.

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We hope that our movies save you money and enable you to beautify your home to your hearts content.

There are many types of gutters available to replace your gutters with. Replacement is very expensive however, and if you can repaint to make them look great you’ll save a bundle. We’re not trying to do contractors out of making a living, but we would like you to be able to keep your home looking good without spending too much of your hard earned cash.

Clogged gutters can cause water leakage into the building as the water backs up. Clogged gutters can also lead to stagnant water build up which allows mosquitoes to breed and also allows grasses and weeds to grow in the gutter.

Gutters must be maintained regularly to remove leaves and other debris to keep them from clogging. Gutters that are filled with debris can overflow and soak the foundation, damage the roof structure, and exacerbate ice dams in cold climates.

Effective gutter guards that keep debris out but allow water to enter are a good alternative to regular cleaning.

Gutter protection devices include:

  • strainers
  • snap-in metal and plastic gutter guards
  • filtered gutter guards
  • stainless steel gutter guards
  • hinged gutter guards
  • plastic and metal total gutter covers
  • gutter brushes

Regardless of the gutter guard protection used, all gutter systems should be examined for cleaning and repair twice every year.

Another option is to use a closed gutter to ensure that debris and leaves do not enter the gutter. The continuous hanger is a way to protect gutters from clogging and damage while reducing required cleaning to a minimum.