Installing a Bathroom Tap (Faucet)



There are many different designs and styles of bathroom tap available on the market today.

Bathroom taps come in all shapes, sizes, styles and prices these days. You may want a flamboyant gold fancy style, or you may just be looking for something more simple.

Choose one to match the style of your bathroom. Remove the old tap by first turning off the water supply using the valves under the sink, or turn off the mains outside the house. The turn on the tap to release any water pressure.

Have a bucket ready to catch water in the lines. Then disconnect the water supply lines using two wrenches. Use a basin wrench to release the nuts that hold the tap in place. Take off the nut and remove the faucet.

On the new unit apply plumbers putty to groove on the underside of the putty plate. Most sinks have pre-cut holes for a universal fitting faucet.

In this video we show you a great and easy demonstration on how to install a bathroom tap.

Male or female, you’ll be surprised at how easy the job is. It doesn’t demand any physical strength and, if you follow the steps and take your time, you’ll get the job done very satisfactorily. The number one cause of a botched job is rushing. It’s easy to make a mistake when in a rush, so give yourself twice as much time as you need and you’ll have a lot more fun.

Watch the video, do the job yourself and you’ll save a load of money in contractors fees.



Installing a Bathroom tap