Installing a Shower Screen



A walk in shower with an open front can add a new dimension to a bathroom.

Where space is tight, this is a good idea, as the glass screen, with it’s transparent nature, gives the feeling of space and does not appear to cut off a portion of your bathroom.
In this video we look at the installation of a basic shower screen.

This particular installation required the wall channel to be attached to the wall and not to the wall tiles. Generally the channel would be fitted to a tiled section – for purposes of water proofing. The channel should be inset slightly from the last row of tiles to allow the silicon on the outside of the unit a place to grip onto.

This video explains the process very well, however, and we hope that you find it useful and informative.

Shower screens come in different shapes and sizes. Pre-cut sizes that are available at bathroom stores will be cheaper than those cut to custom sizes, so bear that in mind when making your plans.
The bathroom floor should be angled down toward the outlet in the shower, so plan carefully, have a look at what’s available in your area and then make your choice.



Installing a Shower screen


Producer: Don Morris


Installation was done in Cape Town, South Africa by PRO-FIT; 082 597 4924 or e-mail: simon@pro-fitinstallations