Installing a Basin



Installing a basin

Replacing and installing a new basin is really not difficult. With a little help, most handy people can do the job themselves, and you really will be saving a bundle doing this one yourself.

Bathroom sinks may become chipped or scratched or stained. You may want to install a new sink to enhance the appearance of your bathroom and create a clean, fresh look. Replacing a bathroom wash basin may be time consuming, but should not be difficult to accomplish, and could revitalize the entire room.

When installing a basin, the first step is to measure the space into which your new basin will fit. Take a little time over this to ensure that the fit will give you enough room to move easily about the room and serve your other purposes. Then go and have a look at some new basins. It’s always a good idea to look at 3 or 4 showrooms – see what’s available and be sure that it’s right for you, you’re going to be living with this basin for many years so take a little time over the choice of style, colour and fit. You may be in a colourful frame of mind this year, next year you may feel a little more conservative, so give the decision some thought.

Another good idea is to Google ‘bathroom sink pictures’. You’ll get a load of different styles and colours, choose a few that you like and which will fit into your space and then print out the pictures. Take the prints to the showrooms with you to give you a clear picture of what you’re looking for.

Installing a basin is the kind of home repair that want to do once and get it right the first time. It takes a little time and can be awkward. It can also be expensive if you go for a pricey new basin.

However, compared with choosing the basin, installation is quite straightforward.

Have a look at this short video, it’ll give you all the pointers that you need to do the job well.