Install a Granite Counter Top



How to fit a Granite or Marble Counter Top

Whether you choose to put granite or marble counter tops in your kitchen, the installation process for these two stone types is pretty much the same. To simplify, I’ll refer to granite throughout.

Fitting a new granite counter top is all in the measuring and marking. The size of each piece has to be perfect. Each cut-out for the sink, the stove and the other appliances have to be carefully planned and marked. On slip can cost a lot of money.

As I mentioned in the video, this is not really a DIY project. The project takes at least two experienced, strong people (preferably three) to carry the heavy slab once it’s been cut – without any resultant damage. The thing is, marble and granite are quite expensive, so why take a chance?

Well, you never know! You may have a good granite counter top that’s been salvaged from another kitchen, or you may just want to give it a go. Anyway here’s the movie – apart from the cutting and carrying the job is not difficult.


Kitchen-Counter-BS-Tropico_Island_Kit small


Don Morris – Producer

Installation done by: SAMBO Granite, Cape Town, Tel: 021 638 0531