How to Paint a Room



The colours and textures used on your walls will determine the character of your home. The correct application of those colours and textures is very important. If the walls are not prepared correctly, or the type of paint is incorrectly chosen, you could have a major headache. Let’s have a look at they way that professionals paint a room inside the house.

The first step when painting a room is to move the furniture out of the room. Get as much out as you can and move heavy items into the centre of the room, covering them with a plastic sheet for protection. Then remove all the light and power outlet cover plates and the curtains.

Preparing the walls correctly is generally quite simple. If there are cracks or blemishes in the wall they should be repaired before you paint a room and that we’ll cover in another programme. If the walls are in good condition, then preparation is quite easy. If you slide your palm across the wall, you’ll feel little imperfections that were left from the previous painting. A quick sanding with 100 grit sandpaper will get rid of these imperfections and also roughen the surface of the wall to provide a key that the new paint can grip onto.

The sanding is very quick you don’t have to put much effort into it. Rub your palm across the wall again and you’ll immediately feel the difference. Now a damp cloth and a quick wipe off will remove any dust that may remain, leaving you with a clean surface.

Let the wall dry for 15 minutes while you prepare your painting kit.

The rest of the information on how to paint a room is in the movie, this one’s packed, so have a look and you’ll pick up some great tips.

Painting one interior room will take about a day for one person. It’s really quite easy if you take your time, don’t try to rush, and follow the steps in the movie. You’ll love the big prize at the end and that is: you’ll save a bundle by doing the job yourself.