How to paint a House Exterior



When painting corners where you need a straight and accurate line, use an angled brush, known as a ‘Cut Brush. You don’t need blue tape.

Just run the paint down the corner about ¹⁄8th of an inch from the corner. Then do another line working closer to the corner until you’ve painted right into the corner. This will take 3 or 4 runs down the wall or window.

Keep a damp facecloth with you. If you get any paint on the wrong side of the corner, just wipe it of with your cloth.

Quick, easy, fun.



Every now and then you notice that the house needs painting – quite a job and often a shock when you realize what it’s going to take out of your wallet. However, there is an alternative. By doing it yourself you’ll save a bundle – and we’ll show you the easy ways to do the job.

We start with a look at pressure washing the walls to wash the house down and get rid of all the dust and grime on the walls. The movie shows the easy way to clean house walls.

In How to Paint a House we look at loose paint, and how to treat it. And we discuss the best ways to handle wall cracks.

We also look at primer coats that will seal the cement pores and also have as a sort of velcro effect on the topcoat, grabbing onto it and creating a good, strong bond.

Any visible plaster and cracks that have been filled will need to be primed with a plaster primer.

Undercoats and their value are discussed and then we get to the important part of the movie, the paint application.

There are a few different types of paint that are used to paint a house exterior. We discuss the paints and the longevity and sheen qualities.

Water or oil based? It’s all covered in the How to Paint a House movie.

Watching the video and using some of these techniques makes the job quite easy and quite enjoyable.