Tiling 4 – Grouting the Floor


TILING 4 – Grouting

In previous videos we’ve seen the tile laying process and how to cut tile edges. Now the room is nearing completion and in this section we’ll be grouting the floor, putting the finishing touches to the job. Grout is a finishing plaster which is used to fill the gaps between the tiles. Today we’re using a powdered grout, which is mixed with water to form a mortar-like mix. Half a bag should be enough to grout the floor, I don’t want to be left with a whole load of extra grout which I’ll have to carry around all day and then throw away at the end of the job. Mixing instructions are printed on the bag. As I’m only using half a bag, I’ll use half the amount of water that would be used for a full bag. There are various mixing tools available, but this is a small mix … This great video will show you some really good new tips and tricks to make the tedious and tiring job of grouting a floor much easier, less tedious and less tiring. You’ll be sure to get the finish that you want for a great looking tile job that will raise your property value at a fraction of the cost of hiring a pro. See this great movie for a look at how tile grouting is done by the professionals.