Filling Rotten Door Wood


Filling Rotten Door Wood

Wooden doors and door frames are often subject to rotting over time due to rainwater gathering at the bottom of the door. This will likely result in you getting a very large bill when the repair man comes out and suggests that the entire door frame and the door should be replaced. We can’t really blame the repair man because this is the best way to do the repair and the repair man wants to make as much profit as he can from the homeowner – you! But we know that, apart from the wood rot at the bottom, this door and frame still have a lot of life left in them.

So, what to do. Well, you can do a fix yourself, a fix that is not too difficult and will save you the cost of buying a new door and frame AND having them fitted.

This video shows you the repair in detail. We cut out the rotten wood and fill it with a filler that’s perfect for the repair. Repairing the rotten door wood will take about two or three hours and, apart from your time, will cost very little.

So, zip up your wallet and grab a few tools from the toolbox, this one’s for you.