Easy Kitchen Sink installation



Replacing a kitchen sink with a new one or fitting a new sink above brand new cabinets is a surprisingly easy project. After watching the video, anyone with a DIY ability and the very basic skills can do it. Have a look a this one, follow each step and you’ll be pleased with the result.

As always, the choice of sink is the biggest factor. Do you need a two or three bowl sink, or will one bowl be suitable for your needs? Well from a personal perspective I would suggest at least two – one for washing the plates and one for rinsing them.

And then how do you choose the colour? Kitchen sinks come in many different colours and materials these days. Make sure that the colour of the basin will match the colour of your cabinets and room décor. This can be a little tricky, a tip is to take some colour swatches that match your cabinet and wall colours to the store and find a sink colour that goes well with your swatches. If you’re going for a kitchen metal sink, the metallic colour fits in well with any décor.

And visit a few stores. Compare prices and the materials and shapes of the kitchen sinks that they have in stock.

When you make your choice choose the kitchen sink that you want. If it costs a little more remember that you’re going to be living with the it for a long time and using it every day. Don’t settle for 2nd best because it’s a little cheaper.

Well, as mentioned earlier, this is an easy project. Have a look at the video, write down the different stages of the job, and give it a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that you can do it yourself.




Producer: Don Morris

Installation by: GDS Plumbing Solutions, Cape Town. Tel: 071 558 5923