How to Drill a hole in a Masonry Wall



Drilling a hole into a Masonry Wall

There are many drill bits and drilling machines available on the market. Each has it’s own field of operation. And then there are all sorts of different screws and wall plugs around – so which one do you use?

This video gives great advice and tips to put you on the right track to drill a hole into a brick or masonry wall. The job is actually quite easy if you know a few things, and they’re all in the video.

A battery operated drill/driver will prove very useful over the years. When you buy one, make sure that your drill has a modern and long lasting battery that can hold a charge over time. There’s nothing worse than having to charge the battery before you can use the drill. A drill kit with two batteries is always a good idea.

Get into the habit of doing the work yourself and you’ll save a lot of money – and get a great deal of satisfaction at what you’ve learnt and accomplished.