Door Rot Replacement


Door Rot Replacement

You often find wooden doors and wooden frames developing rot in the corners, where water gathers that has slipped through some old caulking or weather proofing. To replace the frame will cost a fortune. We have a simple, very effective and long lasting solution that will cost you very little.

This door rot replacement video was made in America where door frames are readily available. You will have to find or make a piece of replacement frame for your repair, but either way doing the job yourself is going to save you a lot of money.

Our Repairing Rotten Wooden Window Frames (Windows category) video is also worth watching. It has some great tips and tricks.

We hope that our movies save you money and enable you to beautify your home to your hearts content.

This type of repair can be adapted to most wooden door frame projects. Your project may be a little different, but the biggest money saver is giving yourself time. Sit back and look at the damage. Have a beer and look at it some more. Them make a plan, cut out the damage and put in a replacement piece. The key to success is to TAKE YOUR TIME.