Changing a Toilet Seat



Changing a Toilet Seat

In this video, Changing a Toilet Seat, the first thing that will strike you is how easy this job is. It really is a 5 minute job, if you know a few simple facts, like selecting a seat of the right shape for your toilet – that’s absolutely vital – and a few other points that you’ll see in the video.


Toilet seats are manufactured in a range of different styles and colours, to match the style of the toilet itself. They are usually built to fit the shape of the bowl: two examples of this being the elongated bowl and the regular bowl. Some seats are fitted with slow-closing hinges to reduce noise by preventing them from slamming against the bowl.

Some seats are made of various types of fancy wooden materials, like oak or walnut, and others are made soft for added comfort. Seats with printed multi-colored designs, such as floral or newsprint, have been fashionable at times. Other designs are made of transparent plastic, encapsulating small decorative items such as seashells or coins. The price of seats varies quite considerably.

Decorative textile covers for the seat lid have gone in and out of fashion. They provide another way of decorating a bathroom.

Whatever your reason for changing your toilet seat, this video will explain the process in terms that will make it easy for anyone, no matter how experienced, to do the job.